Monday, July 28, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

The regime of one of Nintendo's best selling franchises is back on the Nintendo Wii platform, and kicking ass once again. If you're a fan of the Mario Kart series, you'll know you'll be in store for the best races, frustrating just-before-the-line loses, and an overall enjoyable experience. This game has something that captivates you into a spell and makes you want to play just one more race, and then another. With a dozens of characters to choose from and unlock, from the car selections you have, to the new motorcycles, you're in store for one of the Wii's most heavy hitters of the year and maybe its lifespan.

There's no denying that you can still play Mario Kart Wii even towards the last years of this console generation, and with online play you'll be playing more then you've expected. With a great online service, you'll have a fun and lag free experience. Surprisingly the WiiWheel is one of the most advanced and most accurate simulated racing wheel in the gaming market, the precision of it enables you to drive like a pro and make all those cuts and curves a breeze. So lets get to stuff everyone wants to see:

The Breakdown:

Presentation: 9 (One the best laid out Mario Kart games to this date)

Graphics: 8.5 (While the graphics are decent, it's not the Wii's best display of its true power)

Controls/Gameplay: 9 (The WiiWheel and Wiimote are great in this game, making it even more fun)

Replay Value: 9 (Nintendo's WFC is at its best in this game, great service and it will allow you to play it again and again.)

Total Score: 9 (Great!)

*Con's - Alot of the maps are brought back from older versions, and I mean alot. Not alot of new levels.


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